Merrill Osmond Honors Elvis

I have had the pleasure over many years to work with one of the great voices in the music industry, Merrill Osmond, who a few years ago put a tribute album to honor their relationship with Elvis Presley, called “Remembering Elvis.” Merrill sings several hits of Elvis’ with a strong feeling of respect, not trying to impersonate Elvis but giving his full musical talents to honor the King. I put this quick video together so you could hear the fantastic voice of Merrill Osmond. Enjoy.

Side By Side (Osmonds 1978)

“Side By Side” – Michael Wuergler’s very first assignment for the Osmonds. This was a small vignette which played in the theaters along with the theatrical release of “Goin’ Coconuts”. Side By Side was directed by Rick Harper, and written by Bob Rogers. Rick is a genius filmmaker who was waaaaaay ahead of his time back then. It was edited by Marshall Harvey, who has multiple funny bones and is also, in my mind, another genius on that team. We had such fun with this little film, you see other snippets from it showing up all over the Osmond world…the wonderfully edited clips of Donny and Marie in multiple costumes singing “May Tomorrow Be a Perfect Day” closing among others. We dug thru boxes and boxes of film, went into Andy Williams’ storage unti in LA, found film cans holding up table legs in basements, and with all that were able to put together this little film paying tribute to the careers of this talented family. This is a historic piece which searching through my library vault decided to share. I want to thank Michael Wuergler for all the details from creating this film. Go back now with the entire Osmond Family.

Jay Osmond Drum Solo and Merrill Osmond Banjo Solo

From the concert at the BYU Marriott Center – here we have Jay Osmond in his famous drum solo and Merrill Osmond showing off his ability to play one mean banjo. This concert was produced by Michael Wuergler. It was shot with seven cameras live. Watch and you can see the many angles that were use to capture this great musical delight from the Osmond Family.

A Retrospect of Firstvision Entertainment

This takes you from our beginnings and then some – through the Osmond Studios days as well as major projects we did in conjunction with the Osmond family and others. We have produced international programming and commercials.We are an award winning production company with many honors to our name. We hope you enjoy a trip through our pass.

The Osmond Family – Great Success World Wide.

From the early days of Osmond Cartoons to a celebration of one of the great successful family acts in music history 50 years of powerful influence on the world.

Merrill Osmond – Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town became an instant hit the day after it was first aired on Eddie Cantor’s radio show in November 1934 . Written by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie, this song reminds children young and old to be “good for goodness sake.” better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why: Santa Claus is coming to Town!

Here he is……. “Merrill Osmond!”

Tribute to Andy Williams 1927 – 2012

Simply a great entertainer and a gentleman. He gave many their starts in the business. Such as seen here with the Osmonds.

Read this story from the Osmond Family – written by Alan Osmond.

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