Merrill Osmond Honors Elvis

I have had the pleasure over many years to work with one of the great voices in the music industry, Merrill Osmond, who a few years ago put a tribute album to honor their relationship with Elvis Presley, called “Remembering Elvis.” Merrill sings several hits of Elvis’ with a strong feeling of respect, not trying to impersonate Elvis but giving his full musical talents to honor the King. I put this quick video together so you could hear the fantastic voice of Merrill Osmond. Enjoy.

Know Your Constitution – Senator Mike Lee knows it!

The Power Of The Constitution: Why Mike Lee Is A Great Senator?

When you have a father like Rex Lee, one of the best authorities on the Constitution. He was a great Federal Court Attorney and was President of Brigham Young University. His son, Mike Lee is of the same caliber as his father. Orin Hatch has turned on these honest men. He even recently slammed the Heritage Foundation and others who believe strongly in the values of our founding fathers. Orin Hatch is a traitor to Utah and the Nation. He fits right in with Harry Reid. Mike Lee is one of the best Senators we have had in long time.

How well do you know the Constitution? Senator Mike Lee knows it – it was taught in his home by his father, Rex Lee.

Watch this great video.

Benson On America – On Path To Destruction

Ezra Taft Benson speaks in 1965 to a large group gathered in Salt Lake City. He speaks as a citizen of the United States, and the former Secretary of Agriculture under President Eisenhower. This is in black and white, it very old but very prophetic of our time. It is like he saw the future and states it so well. He talks about the destruction of the constitution, The complacency of the American people He makes a strong statement of the American demise due to the anti-christ that will rise up against the Christians. I hope you will watch and learn about what is now happening to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.