Be Changed…

Be changed and the world will change with you.

That really hurts…

Childhood pains to old age pains... what has changed?

How Good Was Your Date?

People carve their love and names on trees... why and how come you had a knife on your date?

What is Your Intake?

Diet of what you do... not just what you eat.

How Old Do You Feel?

Feeling young and feeling old is all a part of life.

Quiet It Is Test Time

When you’re going through hard times & wonder where God is, remember the teacher is always quiet during a test.

Let There Be Light!

Let there be light -- love and share and build each other up.

I Walk The Line

move on from where you are-- look forward.

Get Plenty Of Speed And Lift!

A major pot whole - no the road is gone.

It Is Monday – New Day!

It is a great day - count your blessings.
It is a great day – count your blessings.