Impossible Dream with The Smothers Brothers

This is a completely unique rendition of the classic broadway song, If you listen to the end you get a twist on politics, which the Smothers are known for…. this song includes; George Washington, Nixon and President Bill Clinton. Listen and enjoy “The Impossible Dream.” This song means so much to so many around the world. You can make things happen if you believe in yourself also that if you can dream it – you can do it. You will love this version. Our team at Firstvision filmed this project. The Smothers Brothers have been performing for years. They had their own TV show in the 60s and entertained around the world.

Faith, Hope and Music

Faith • Hope • Music

Faith building concert with young performers sharing their talents with original songs. Filmed in Utah at the Rock Canyon Studios.

This program was a concept for a pilot program. We would like to turn this into an ongoing program for television and YouTube. 

There is a lot of local talent and young artist building their careers that could find success through a medium like this. Here are three great acts; Peter Breinholt, Cherie Call and Nathan Osmond. I think you will be quite impressed with this short program. We hope you enjoy. 

Gratitude Power!

“What are you grateful for right now? Gratitude can shift your energy, raise your vibration, and make all your next moments even better.” – Joe Vitale

Friends are always there….


This is our latest commercial filmed in May, and just now released to TV stations for broadcasting. This commercial has an original song, written by Nate Drew and sung by Hannah Bennett.

Produced by Eric Bennett and directed by Gilbert Howe. Cinematographer was Howard Little and associate Joey and Dana. Make up by Sophia. Great shoot with a great crew and a large talent pool that made this come together perfectly.


Share and love one another. Someone has touched your life - return love and life by touching others.

Share and love one another. Someone has touched your life – return love and life by touching others.